Hear from our Members

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our members below:

Future Water Association, the Perfect Business Platform  Pontoonworks provides solutions for working on water and supplies to businesses operating within the water sector, including the major Utility Companies, Environment Agency, Canal & River Trust, Geotech, and several construction contractors. Read more>


“I would have no hesitation in recommending membership of Future Water Association. The people I talk to at face to face meetings and in particular, the meetings with the utility companies have created fantastic opportunities for Teekay Couplings. It would have taken a lot more time and effort to engage with these people without the support of Future Water Association.”
Naval Phandey, Sales Manager for Water at Teekay Couplings


“Future Water Association has an excellent out reach into the industry culminating in opportunities to meet key people from the water companies and water retailers; as an example, every liaison session we have attended has resulted in follow up meetings which allows us to explore synergies and opportunities to add value.
The relaxed and intimate nature of these sessions and events in my experience has provided excellent insights into the industry and company challenges without it being hindered by politics; in other words, the people you have arranged to present and meet with have been very open and interested in supporting your objectives.
Lastly, we get a real barometer of industry sentiments (official and unofficial!) and trends which allows us to proactively develop value propositions and go-to-market messaging that is relevant and timely.”
Luke Pelham, Sales Account Manager at SQS talking about our Water Utility Liaison meetings.


“Firstly, we here at Baseform really believe we are a very innovative company working in an industry sector with lots of problems that affect us as water consumers days to day, and we want to help solve those issues. We are a small firm and cannot at this point belong to many associations, so we chose Future Water Association mainly as it seemed progressive and well connected and respected by the water companies, the regulators and industry and playing an active role in bringing them all together to solve our issues. FWA seemed a great fit and it has proved to be immensely valuable even in the short time we’ve been involved. “
Kenneth C. Bossung, Global Vice President Baseform talking about our ability to connect you to the right people and organisations.


Our members include Water Companies and David Essex, Head of Wholesale Service Delivery for South Staffs Water tells us why they decided to join us.

“We joined Future Water Association for several reasons, the main ones being we wanted to
• engage and network with both suppliers and utilities on specific innovations around water networks, customer service and skills development
• hear about trials and pilots going on in industry
• get involved with water dragon’s events
• help guide / focus FWA activity on areas that would be most useful to water companies”


Other members tell us…


“Wheatley is seeking to collaborate on the development of new innovative software to help tackle the challenges faced by the water retail market and PR19. We believe Future Water Association’s engagement events can help achieve this.”
Simon Wheatley, Water Solution Manager, Wheatley


“Joining Future Water Association gives us access to key decision-makers in the industry, meeting members of UK and overseas governments, and the European Commission and provides a forum for the discussion of industry issues”
Kate Brunt, National Account Manager, Pontoonworks