Zero Pollution Network Members

5 December 2019

The Zero Pollution Network’s Mission is to facilitate the development and delivery of solutions to reduce aquatic pollution such as plastics, micro-plastics, raw sewage, wastewater treatment works discharges, mine waters, agricultural diffused pollution, highways runoff and industrial process discharges head-on by bringing together decades of knowledge, solution providers, installation teams, intellectual property, financiers and benefactors, engineers, consultants and scientist.

Future Water Association is proud to be supporting the Zero Pollution Network Mission. 

How can you show your support?

Membership is open to all businesses and individuals that strive to play an active role in the battle against aquatic pollution:

  • Established Businesses Providing Solution & Systems
  • Technology/Component Suppliers, e.g. Sensor, Solar PV, Clean Battery Technology….
  • Design Consultants & Engineers
  • Installation and Maintenance Companies
  • Research and Academic Institutions and Bodies
  • Professional Services from IP, Patent Attorneys to R&D Tax Credits
  • Water Companies, Government Bodies, Mine Companies and Industry – User Groups
  • Media, Exhibition and Advertising Companies that promote the Network and its Aims
  • Individuals that Wish to Donate

For more details on membership fees and benefits please click here