WRC join Hydrosave as sponsors of Water Dragons

Future Water’s ‘Water Dragons’ competition, now a trademarked initiative, has a new sponsor, wrc has joined long-time supporter Hydrosave to help drive this important initiative forward..

Matt Foster, Hydrosave, said
“At Hydrosave we passionately believe in the power of human ingenuity to push the boundaries of what we think is possible.  We work in an industry where customer expectations rightly drive the need to find answers to both new and existing challenges, and at the same time, we know if ‘we always do what we have always done, we will always get what we have always got’.  Innovation remains the key to unlocking the status quo, to learning from the challenges of adjacent sectors, and to implementing truly revolutionary solutions. Hydrosave are delighted that wrc have become a supporter of Water Dragons, and we continue to help promote the identification, and ultimately the adoption, of fresh ideas to better-allow us all to address our industry challenges in the most efficient and sustainable manner possible”

Alastair Moseley, Future Water Board member
“Future Water has always been committed to promoting innovation in the water industry and wider water sector and established our Water Dragons Competition 15 years ago to stimulate interest and showcase innovation, inventions and more. This has been a hugely successful enterprise with well over 300 innovations being presented at our competition heats in that time, and many of our winners, and runners up for that matter, going on to create successful transformative businesses both here in the UK and across the World. Water Dragons is now a patented operation and we are already growing it internationally, having once held another brilliant event partnership with the Canadian High Commission to introduce water innovation in North America to the UK market, and vice versa. Bringing wrc into the mix to drive water dragons forward is another step in the right direction”

Paul Horton, CEO Future Water added
“I am delighted that Water Dragons continues to make a difference across the sector. It is a crucial part of the IP journey that is critical to the continuing transformation of the sector. It also recognises the great ideas that have been brought forward and the judges who have and continue to support water dragons. Future Water recognises that we need to get more people interested in, and working, in our sector. Water Dragons is a fantastic and accessible way to encourage the next generation to be involved in creating a safe water environment for our world. Future Water welcomes wrc into the Water Dragons initiative and look forward to pushing the initiative further”

James Lees, wrc 
“As the UK and Global Water Sector continue to adapt and evolve to cope with changing environments and customer demands, innovation is a fundamental requirement to support them in their ambitions and challenges. Here at WRc, we have an extensive history built around innovation in the water sector and the importance of harnessing this enable the sector to grow and develop. WRc are proud to sponsor Water Dragons, alongside Hydrosave and encourage the current and future innovators of the Water Sector to continue in helping the industry move forward as it tackles diverse, complex and significant challenges. We look forward to supporting innovators and companies through Water Dragons to bring disruptive and advancing technologies into the sector.”

Water Dragons is sponsored by