United Utilities Innovation Lab hunts for innovative businesses for third Innovation Lab

United Utilities has launched its third Innovation Lab – the successful accelerator programme which helps innovative businesses grow and develop.

Taking place across 12 weeks and in collaboration with corporate innovation specialist, L Marks, the Innovation Lab gives  innovative businesses a unique opportunity to collaborate with United Utilities to tackle key business challenges.

During the programme, successful applicants are co-located and work together with United Utilities to test, develop and validate their product/service offering in a live customer environment.

In addition selected companies gain unprecedented access to subject matter experts, senior leaders and a wide range of business support. Results from previous labs has seen successful companies enter into long-term commercial partnerships with United Utilities.

What United Utilities are looking for and how to apply 

This year the focus is on how innovative companies can help United Utilities serve its customers better and help improve performance addressing the following challenges:

Systems Thinking: to help the company reach the highest levels of capability in each of these focus areas within five years; Asset lifecycle management, Operational Monitoring, Operational Control, Production Planning & Optimisation, Customer Experience, Work Scheduling and Data & Information

Circular Economy & Natural Systems: to identify solutions that make use of the natural system and processes to solve traditional problems across water, wastewater and bio-resources

Future of Water – ODIs and More: to create technologies that can help the company meet the Outcome Delivery Incentives (ODIs) measured by regulators and customers, help it to provide sustainable, cost effective and relevant customer services and help it meet the challenges of the future

Wildcard: to identify any technology that could transform any aspect of United Utilities business.

The first stage of applications is now open and will close on Monday August 17th at 11am.

If you think you have a solution that can address these challenges you can apply here