The Future of Water – Blog Post – Paul Horton



Future Water, following the production of the highly regarded Report Card, has developed a transformational focus within the water sector based around several groups where we believe we can influence change:  Standards, Emerging Talent, IT-OT data cyber, Leakage Suppliers group, Reputation, and Innovation, especially when viewed through the lens of Intellectual Property (IP). I want to reflect the core strength of each group and set out why the activities, the outputs will be important in shaping the water industry’s future.


Future Water believes it is essential spotlight industry standards. By actively participating in and influencing the development of robust standards, this sets the groundwork for a more cohesive and efficient water sector, ensuring that processes and technologies align with best practices, promoting sustainability and reliability in water management.

Emerging Talent:

The emphasis on emerging talent our belief that innovation is driven by fresh perspectives. By investing in and nurturing new talent, this ensures a continuous influx of creative ideas and solutions. This approach fosters a dynamic environment where traditional practices meet cutting-edge thinking, propelling the water sector into a realm of a forward thinking culture.

IT-OT Data Cyber:

In an era dominated by technology, securing data is paramount. Future Water’s focus on IT-OT data cyber underscores its commitment to safeguarding critical information. By integrating robust cybersecurity measures, promoting awareness around operations, protecting sensitive data helps to ensure the seamless operation of interconnected systems, preventing disruptions that could have far-reaching consequences.

Leakage Suppliers Group:

Future Water recognizes the pivotal role of collaboration in addressing industry challenges. The establishment of a Leakage Suppliers Group demonstrates a commitment to collective problem-solving. By bringing together key stakeholders, the aim is to foster an environment where shared knowledge and expertise can be leveraged to tackle one of the water sector’s most pressing issues—leakage.


An excellent reputation is an invaluable asset. Future Water understands that maintaining trust and credibility is as crucial as technological advancements. By prioritising reputation management, building wide ranging engagement and having the honest conversation, this will contribute to building a positive image for the entire water sector.

Innovation (through the IP Lens):

Future Water’s approach to exploring innovation through the Intellectual Property lens sector leading. By recognising the value of intellectual assets, this can support the sector to be at the forefront of groundbreaking developments. This strategic perspective not only fosters a culture of innovation, new thinking and establishes Future Water as a thought leader in the water sector.

Driving Change in the Water Sector:

Collectively, and recognising that our focus on pipes & sewers (Networks November) is part of the mix, Future Water’s multifaceted focus on standards, emerging talent, IT-OT data cyber, leakage suppliers group, reputation, and innovation through the IP lens forms the basis for being a powerful catalyst for change. By addressing critical aspects of the water sector, through the groups, it is possible to shape the future and collectively propel the water sector into a more sustainable, efficient, and innovative future. That is the goal!