Supply Chain Partnership Helps Drive Tap Water Safety

A new partnership between Energy & Utility Skills, British Water and the Future Water Association is helping to explain, cascade and embed drinking water hygiene approaches throughout the vital supply chain that are working right across restricted water company operations.

Throughout the COVID-19 incident the UK water industry has set out clearly that there can be no reduction in competence or compliance across the duration of the pandemic and hygiene practice will be a very high priority, to protect the health of individuals and the public.

Energy & Utility Skills and the water trade body Water UK have already been working in close partnership to help maintain and increase drinking water safety and compliance. Operating through the Water UK Strategic Drinking Water Quality Network, the collaboration has already seen the full enhancement and reissue of the major Competent Operator Scheme, and led to the creation of a National Water Hygiene Group (NWHG) that is focused on progressing strategic actions that will help enforce the National Water Hygiene Scheme that is mandated within the Water UK Standards and Technical Guidance and the Principles of Water Supply Hygiene.

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