Steve Vick International Celebrate 40 Year Anniversary

Steve Vick International, based in Bradford on Avon, is celebrating its 40th anniversary as a leading manufacturer of innovative technologies for use in the utilities industry with the aim of reducing the number of excavations needed to carry out repairs and renovations. The family owned and operated company was founded in 1981 by the current Chairman, Steve Vick.

During the past 40 years Steve Vick International has grown from a fledgling business which started at Steve’s home in Norton St Phillip, to an international concern, exporting to over twenty different countries. SVI have also opened four depots across the UK.

The company has built a tradition of excellence in providing the gas, water and nuclear industries with highly innovative products and services that can deliver significant benefits, from reducing disruption, lowering costs, lessening the environmental impact and improving health and safety.
Initially operating from Norton St Phillip, the company quickly outgrew its premises and moved to Bath in 1989. Whilst there, the company continued to expand, and in 2014 purchased part of Treenwood Industrial Estate in Bradford on Avon.

The full Press Release can be read here: Steve Vick 40th Anniversary PR