SARCO STOPPER LTD News – Small Family-Owned Manufacturing Business Wins King’s Award for Enterprise ‘24

Sarco Wizards in Oz Celebrate Awards News

Sarco Stopper, located in the West Lothians Edinburgh area, are delighted to receive a prestigious King’s Award for Enterprise ’24.

The award for Innovation recognised the company’s development of Hydro Bag® technology for its range of flow stopping and bypass systems for water distribution networks.  These products allow leakages to be repaired under pressure, while maintaining customer supply and meeting other water conservation objectives.

The systems have evolved considerably since first being launched in 2001, and are now used extensively in the UK and other countries.  Australia is one of the key export markets, and the company learned of its King’s success at the Ozwater’24 show in Melbourne, where its latest “Mini Mains Wizard” Hydro Bag® flow stopping system was having its product launch.

Executive Chairman, Bill Menzies, explained that he, along with MD John Menzies and Finance Director Ian Stevenson, have been in Melbourne supporting the product launch, with their regional distributors Swan Imports.  This being the company’s first ever trade show presence out with Europe, it represents a significant milestone event and financial commitment by the company.


Sarco Stopper is a family owned and managed business and was originally established in 1996.  Along with other family Directors, Barbara Menzies and Fiona Wilson collectively represent the 4th and 5th generations in manufacturing within the area.  Originally in knitting hosiery from 1887, from 1909 steel foundries and now in light engineering activities utilising industrial textiles.


It is the view of the directors that this award success also provides recognition to our talented and committed team of 25, who all remained fully working throughout the pandemic restrictions as a designated “Critical National Infrastructure Company”, helping to ensure the continuation of supply of water and gas in the UK, in addition to their contributions over many years to our Hydro Bag® project and its ongoing developments.


This King’s Award would not have been possible without our many valued suppliers of materials and services.  In particular, our key project collaborators WASK (part of Crane BS&U) and their long-standing technical & commercial teams, led by Andrew Welfare, Mike Deane and formally Simon Throup in developing these bag deployment systems.  Yorkshire Water’s Esholt Hall testing facilities was also critical in the evaluation of the systems and additionally supported the project team in trialling these solutions on their distribution network for demonstrations and training to customers throughout the UK.

Over recent years the company has also been developing, along with UK gas distribution company SGN, exclusive use of a patented medical inflatable stent, for controlling large gas leakage events.  The Sarco Gas Stent® incorporates a camera to locate the leak, then inflate the self-supporting hollow stent to control the leak and enable gas supply to be maintained.

Product innovation is in the company’s DNA, and we remain committed to achieving our growth and diversification objectives through innovative line stopping and bypass solutions for UK and international customers.  This to further enhance our global reputation as a niche quality manufacturer, providing a comprehensive package of pipeline product solutions and bespoke technical design with excellent support and reliable service.

Bill Menzies, along with the other travelling Directors, are now looking forward to their early return to the UK to further celebrate with the Sarco team this very significant King’s Award achievement and its recognition of our product innovation activities.

For further information about the company, see our website at, or contact Bill Menzies at