YouTube Library

Future Water Association has created an on-line knowledge library –  a collection of informative and stimulating videos from a variety of leading water sector experts, all conveniently located together on one dedicated YouTube channel.

Future Water Association has created this channel to provide support and knowledge for members and non-members alike, enabling access to a wealth of information and resources designed to assist businesses within the sector overcome barriers and achieve success.

The collection of over 25 videos covers a wide range of topics, all relevant to the water industry, and speakers include heads of business from the water utilities, academics and other water industry experts.

Please click on the links below to view each video. Be sure to visit our YouTube channel and Subscribe so that you are alerted every time a new video is added.

New videos from key industry figures are being added all the time on subjects relevant to the sector.

“Our YouTube channel will become an on-going place of reference for people to visit and re-visit. We aim to keep it current and will be regularly updating it with the latest thoughts and comments from industry influencers”  Paul Horton, CEO for Future Water Association