Water Aware

With a rapidly changing climate, changing demographic patterns and periods of too much and too little water – managing this precious resource has never been more important. At the World Economic Forum, water was the prominent factor in the top five business risks that can destabilise the global economy.

Worldwide, more than 35% of drinking water disappears before it even reaches the users’ taps. On a global scale, estimates claim that more than 49 billion cubic meters of water are lost every year due to ageing pipes and poorly managed networks. This problem is set to increase as the world urbanises and demand for water increases. There is a need to become ‘WaterAware’!

In the UK the environment is changing – no longer is water management only the responsibility of environmental & economic regulators and water companies, business are an important part of this landscape as many are major users of water.

2017 also sees the introduction in England, of an open market for the delivery of water & wastewater services to the commercial sector of the economy. This market opening, which follows Scotland, will introduce competition and change into the sector as commercial businesses can start to choose who provides them with a ‘water service’.

Water awareness needs to become a higher priority both at home and in the workplace. It is important to educate people about best practice water use and management and encourage a change in attitude towards a resource we have all taken for granted for far too long.

‘WaterAware’ is a unique interactive learning platform to help people look at everyday water usage through a fresh pair of eyes, providing a different perspective and a positive shift in behaviour to reduce water use and wastage, leading to benefits for the environment and reduced utility costs.

Watch ‘Be Water Aware‘  and for more information visit  about Water Aware and the full Resource Aware package of support and training, please contact Dan Botterill or Ben Gardner

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