Reducing Leakage: Alternative Thinking for Alternative Strategies

Future Water Association recently brought together companies from across the sector and asked them to ‘think differently’ about reducing leakage! The workshop held in October, used a graphic illustrator to help develop creativity among the suppliers, consultants and water companies in the room. What emerged was an illustration of the collective thinking and half a dozen ‘game changers’ that the industry needs to start acting on.

The workshop was hosted by Water Research Centre, and brought together
representatives  from Anglian Water, Artesia Consulting, Bristol Water, H2O WEM, HAL24K, Hydrosave, Inflowmatix, Invenio, Kamstrup, LBCG, RPS, Sanivar, Shorterm Group, South Staffs Water, and Stantec.


The workshop produced a number of thought provoking comments including:

“When we set out to develop the alternative strategies by getting the supply chain and water companies to sit down together in a workshop; we really didn’t know what to expect. What emerged was a set of really strong game changers on how to reduce leakage over the next 5 to 10 years.”  Dene Marshallsay, Artesia Consulting

“Alternative thinking for alternative strategies has formed the basis for some key game changers that we need to maintain momentum on. The idea of a virtual water network could be the stage we need to embrace true collaboration and a step change in how our industry needs to adapt to increasing regulatory, political and customer centric focus across the entire supply chain”. James Hargrave, Anglian Water

Paul Horton, CEO of Future Water Association added ‘coming out of the comfort zone was an important and critical part of the workshop, the association is focused on developing a connected, skilled and innovative workforce – one that thinks differently, sets out new ideas and challenges the status quo – we did that along with those present, now we need to implement the ideas!”

For full details of the outputs from the workshop and the illustration diagram please click here