Recommended Change for DOMS

– For DOMS registration, CBL should be available for renewals AND new entrants. Applies to SW employed and non-SW staff.

– However, for new entrants if they are non-SW staff, the recommendation is that registration is for 12 months. Renewal after 12 months will be done through face to face training. The renewed registration would be backdated so that NWH and DOMS can run concurrently.

– As with NWH, there would be an option for some learning via an e-classroom (via external training provider), then let them sit the CBL assessment online

– The Sampling Module (DOMS13) has always been delivered separately and obtaining DOMS card is not reliant on doing this module. E-classroom is an option for those whose cards are expiring. There isn’t an expected demand from non-SW staff for this module but we are liaising with training providers to provide the training and practical assessment remotely.

Organisations wishing to use the CBL route for new and renewal registrations will be asked to sign a ‘Declaration’ which sets out their roles and responsibilities. These temporary changes are for registrations until 30th June 2020.

ID Cards
With EUSR ID cards being delivered to offices and so many already closed or due to close, there will be delays in cards getting to individuals. A communication will be sent out to advice the use of EUSR online register ( to check National Water Hygiene and DOMS registrations for the period of the pandemic.