PMP Utilities delivers skilled engineering & rope access solution to minimise disruption during leakage repair on bridge



14 August 2018


Remote access solution deployed for Yorkshire  Water pipe bridge repair

PMP Utilities (‘PMP’), a leading provider of asset refurbishment, renewal and repair services in hazardous, challenging environments, has successfully completed the rope access repair of a leaking air valve on Todmorden Pipe Bridge on behalf of Yorkshire Water.

PMP, a part of M Group Services, was appointed to deliver the rope access solution as an alternative to traditional access methods that would have required a scaffold platform to be built up from an adjoining canal towpath and would have necessitated the bridge’s closure for several days.

Specialist access equipment, including a high directional rigging system, was used to enable access over the bridge without any stresses on the bridge structure itself. The access equipment was secured in place by twin lines with an onsite PMP rope access supervisor managing the rigging to safely lower the engineer to the work site.

The process involved the removal of the cowl and isolation and removal of the leaking air valve which was then raised safely back up to the bridge before the replacement valve was fitted. Once the repair was completed, the cowl on the second air valve was removed and the isolation valve operated to enable assessment of its general condition. Both cowls were then replaced.

PMP managing Director Stephen Taylor commented: “Water leakage is a key driver for most water companies and the leaking air valve, located on a 12” cast potable water pipe on Todmorden Bridge, was an issue that Yorkshire Water was keen to address. The bridge crosses over the Rochdale Canal and more traditional means of access would have resulted in significant disruption.

“The repair was completed without the need for a network isolation ensuring no impact to Yorkshire Water’s ‘Customer Minutes Lost’ measure. Disruption was kept to an absolute minimum for members of the public using and living on the canal, as well as road users crossing the bridge.”

The benefits of this ‘Outside the Pipe’ thinking included:

  • A quick response time and reduced lead time to access site
  • Reduced time on site and impact on local residents and businesses
  • Reduced impact on the ‘canal community’ – walkers, cyclists, barge owners and anglers
  • A significant cost saving
  • Significant leakage saving
  • A safer option in comparison to traditional methods

PMP was acquired by M Group Services in March 2018 to further enhance the range of complementary specialist essential infrastructure services that the Group’s businesses deliver to clients in the UK and Ireland.

PMP has worked within water companies’ assets throughout the UK and Ireland, providing confined space and rope access expertise alongside specialist engineering solutions including use of the high-specification AMEX-10 pipeline leakage repair system.










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