PE Pipe Cutter Approved by Northern Gas Networks, Now Available for Hire


Steve Vick International (SVI) have developed, as a joint Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) funded project with Northern Gas Networks (NGN), a new PE Pipe Cutter for large diameter PE. This innovative tool has been approved by Northern Gas Networks and is now available for hire.



The PE Pipe Cutter offers an accurate, safe, and highly efficient method of circumferentially cutting large
diameter PE pipes, surpassing traditional cutting techniques. With the ability to effortlessly cut pipes with
diameters of 250mm and above, and wall thicknesses up to 70mm in a single pass, the PE Pipe Cutter is set to transform the industry.

One of the key advantages of the PE Pipe Cutter is its exceptional speed. The low-profile, pneumatically
powered machine can complete a full circumferential cut on a 630mm PE pipe in less than 5 minutes, providing a significant time-saving compared to standard cutting methods. This efficiency allows operators to increase productivity and reduce project timelines.
Safety is paramount, and the PE Pipe Cutter addresses the operational risks associated with traditional cutting equipment. Designed for use in both above-ground and in-ground scenarios, it requires minimal clearance, making it ideal for confined spaces. The cutter’s total working height of 170mm ensures ease of use and accessibility even in restricted areas.

Furthermore, the PE Pipe Cutter’s performance remains outstanding even when pipes are under bending
stress, which often causes blade pinch in traditional methods. By incorporating a swarf collector, the machine effectively gathers PE cutting waste as it rotates around the pipe, significantly reducing the emission on microplastics into the surrounding environment.

The benefits of the PE Pipe Cutter extend beyond its efficiency and safety features. This lightweight and
versatile tool allows for quick and accurate cutting, minimising the need for additional finishing work before
butt fusion or socketing. With its adjustable chain, the cutter can be easily customised to suit different pipe
diameters, adding to its versatility.

We are thrilled to introduce the PE Pipe Cutter, developed in collaboration with Northern Gas Networks,” said Katie Higgins, Sales & Marketing Director at Steve Vick International. “This innovative tool will revolutionise the way large diameter PE pipes are cut. Its speed, accuracy, and enhanced safety features make it an invaluable asset for gas network operators, water companies & contractors, construction companies, and other industries that work with PE pipes.”

The PE Pipe Cutter is a welcome addition to SVI’s extensive range of pipe cutting equipment which includes,
the Rapid Rotary Cutters, Rapid Window Cutters and Keel Cutters. With over 40 years of experience, SVI is
committed to delivering cutting-edge products and services that enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity in the utilities sector.