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Below you will find a list of the products and services provided by our members.

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Products and Services

Advanced Pressure Management Service
Civil Engineering
Data Logging
Effluent Water Treatment (Pipelines)
Effluent Water Treatment (Plant)
Flow Measurement
Flow Measurement Service
Integrating & Recording
Intelligent Leakage Management Systems
Leakage Reduction
Leakage Reductions
Leak Location Surveys
Leak Locators
Leak Surveys
Liners – Polyethylene
Mains Renovation Service
Manhole Chambers
Meters: Electronic
Meters: Flow Indicating
Pipe Joints & Fittings
Pipe Joints & Fittings:Cast Iron
Pipe Joints & Fittings:Compression – Plastic
Pipe Joints & Fittings:Ductile Iron
Pipe Joints & Fittings:Mechanical
Pipe Joints & Fittings:Plastic/PVC-U
Pipe Joints & Fittings:Polyethylene
Pipe Joints & Fittings:Polyethylene – High Performance
Pipe Joints & Fittings:Repair Clamps
Pipe Joints & Fittings:Steel
Pipeline Failure Analysis
Pipe Liners
Pipeline Surveys / Inspections
Site Investigations
Software Development
Specialist Products and Services
Surveying and Recording
Telemetry Systems
Water & Sewage Treatment Plant