Orion, Pioneering Real-Time Data Networks for Sustainable Water Management and Alleviating Coverage Black Spots

There are many factors driving water preservation for businesses. This includes climate change, environmental and regulatory pressures, population growth, and operational costs. These all influence the business case for resource preservation.

Regulators like Ofwat are tackling the need for sustainable change in myriad ways. The challenge to reduce water leaks by at least 15% by 2025 is one example. It is widely accepted that digital transformation and innovation is required to make a difference on this front – and AMR smart meters are one of the solutions.

The Power of Connection 

To achieve the desired outcomes, advanced smart metering technology with reliable network connectivity is paramount. When it comes to leak detection and other points of water wastage, the true value lies in the speed of detection and the transmission of this information to users and/or suppliers.

AMR smart water meter solutions like those from Smarter Technologies Group provide real-time data insights and alerts around unusual trends or undesirable metrics. This is a break from the high leak run-times that arise from manual meter-reads and delayed feedback from meters with limited functionality.

Faults can result in the loss of considerable amounts of water and millions of pounds in future. Areas without network access (‘black spots’), signal loss, or data overload will have a direct effect on these endeavours. Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™ offers secure, high-speed data transmission and reliable, resilient data transmission – even in remote locations.


Live Data Benefits 

Real-time data insights bring benefits of live monitoring and long-term and predictive analytics. Inclusive of pipe temperature sensors and leak detection and alerts, there is powerful scope for expedited interventions. Remote stopcocks allow for automations and supply to be remotely shut off. There is also potential for automated flushing and temperature monitoring for legionella compliance.

Over time, consumption control patterns inform predictive optimisation and strategy. Additional benefits include:

  • Simplified compliance processes.
  • Flexible, accurate billing.
  • Simplified submetering.
  • Resource optimisation and cost reduction.


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About the author

Mark Read is a CEO at Smarter Technologies Group. Mark has a long-standing interest in technology, energy, and commercial services. This has evolved into a passion for digital transformation that is driving innovative business models for sustainable change in myriad industries.


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