NUAR – National Underground Register of Assets – available to use

On April 5th, Viscount Camrose announced that the National Underground Asset Register (NUAR) – a digital map of underground pipes and cables that will revolutionise the way we install, maintain, operate and repair our buried infrastructure – can now be accessed in its first UK locations

This is a major step in the delivery of NUAR which, as a team, we are very proud of. The service is starting to deliver the core functionality to meet the intended ‘safe dig’ use case, as well as data from over 80 asset owners in the first 3 regions (North East England, Wales and London). This includes all of the major energy and water providers, as well as smaller providers of these services, telecommunications companies, transport organisations and local authorities. I would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to those trailblazing organisations who have been the vanguard of NUAR, collaborating with us to get to this point. But it should be remembered that this is the ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP), and that there is lots more to come!

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