What is Networks November? Future Water introduced Networks November in 2021, after the success of Future Water Networks in the previous year. We wanted to provide a focal point for forward thinking about all things water, pipes and sewers!

Networks November is a series of sessions comprising of leading industry keynotes, knowledge bites and technical presentations, taking place throughout the month of November.

Networks November 2022 brought together water companies, suppliers, regulators and NGO’s, across webinars and face to face sessions.

The focus was to explore eight key areas, around asset health, leakage, sewers, R&D, people, innovation CSO’s and performance.

This year Networks November 2023 will bring leading industry figures together to talk about all things WATER – INNOVATION – FUTURE 

We intend to hold an HONEST conversation about the changes and challenges within the water industry.

Future Water will be holding sessions, across November.


Register below for further information on the upcoming events:

Networks November Opening Session

2nd November  Asset Health webinar – zoom

6th November  Developer Services event – F2F

Are you interested in the Leakage Suppliers Group  F2F (hosted by Anglian Water) – the day will include a Water Dragons Session



22nd November FloodEx Day 1 – Day One a session on the what does the report card mean for Flooding and Drainage

22nd November 18:00 – 20:00 – IP and Innovation in Pipes & Sewers (invitation only)

23rd November FloodEx Day 2 – Day two morning session focussed on Water Dragons (Flooding/Drainage/CSOs)

Watch this space for events over the month of November and join us for sessions on “Prioritising the report card actions” – what to drive forward and focus on to start changing the sector

Watch this space for events over the month of November for Standards bringing them to life to achieve consensus on a consistent approach to standards in the water sector

We have Supporter and Sponsor opportunities available, contact