Navigating the Waters of Cyber Resilience: Insights from the Future Water Cyber Resiliency Group

The first Cyber Resiliency Group meeting of 2024 marked a significant gathering, where minds  converged to address the pressing issue of cyber threats to our water infrastructure. Representatives from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), academia, the supply chain, and water companies came together, underscoring the collaborative effort needed to safeguard our vital resources.

I am pleased to extend an invitation to our next meeting of the Future Water Cyber Resiliency group scheduled for Tuesday, April 30th. This gathering aims to delve deeper into the challenges posed by cyber threats and explore proactive measures to enhance our resilience. You can register for the event HERE

What fuels the momentum behind our group? Let’s examine the driving forces:


  1. **Collaborative Solutions**: By bringing suppliers together, we focus on tackling the intricate IT-OT Cyber Security challenges within the context of Protective Management Security Systems.


  1. **Data-driven Resilience**: Exploring how data collection and utilization can bolster our resilience efforts is paramount in an era of evolving threats.


  1. **Regulatory Insights**: Updates on current challenges surrounding NIS1 and NIS2 regulations provide valuable insights into compliance and risk management strategies.


  1. **Standardization and Compliance**: Identifying security standards and regulations impacting the sector enables us to align practices and fortify defenses.


  1. **Targeted Interventions**: By showcasing areas requiring intervention, we aim to prioritize resources and actions effectively.


  1. **Consistency in Implementation**: Ensuring consistency in NIS implementation across the water sector is vital for comprehensive protection.


  1. **Stakeholder Engagement**: Engaging with regulators, professional bodies, and utilities fosters forward-thinking strategies for data management and resilience.


  1. **Information Exchange**: Facilitating the exchange of information across stakeholders enhances collective knowledge and response capabilities.


  1. **Training Initiatives**: Supporting the development of training initiatives underscores the importance of cyber and resilience awareness at all levels of operation.


Joining the IT-OT Cyber Resilience group is straightforward. Simply complete the form on our on our website.


In recent news, the heightened risk of cyber attackers targeting UK drinking water underscores the urgency of our efforts. Moody’s cautionary report and joint initiatives from CISA, EPA, and FBI emphasize the need for vigilance and proactive measures.

The evolving landscape of cyber threats, exemplified by recent incidents involving PRC-sponsored activities and resurgence of ransomware groups like LockBit, underscores the dynamic nature of cybersecurity. Continuous vigilance, training, and adherence to best practices are imperative in safeguarding critical infrastructure.

For manufacturers linked to CNI networks, adherence to standards like ISO270036 and IEC62443 is not merely a starting point but a foundational necessity.

As we navigate the ever-changing waters of cybersecurity, the Future Water Cyber Resiliency group remains committed to fostering collaboration, sharing insights, and fortifying our defenses. We welcome your feedback and participation as we collectively strive towards a more secure future.