NATCEM 35 Approved for use at ZERO Degrees

Working in freezing conditions can be challenging for Civil Engineering projects, as many cement-based products are ineffective below 5°C. Natural Cement is pleased to announce that our NATCEM 35 is now approved for use in Public Water Supplies at temperatures as low as 0°C!

Based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, Natural Cement manufactures eco-friendly mortars, grouts, and shotcretes using a Natural Cement binder in use for over 200 years. Our products are ideal for Concrete Repairs, Waterproofing, Grouting, Screeding, and Sprayed Concrete across Construction, Water & Utilities, Rail, Civil Engineering, Tunnelling, and Sea Defence & Coastal markets.

NATCEM 35 is an eco-friendly, fast-setting mortar with rapid strength gain, ideal for potable water applications in cold weather. It joins NATCEM AC, WATERSTOP, and NATCEM D in being approved under Regulation 31 of the Water Supply Regulations for use from 0°C, reducing winter project delays.

Construction products used from the water source to delivery in a consumer building must be approved under Regulation 31 of The Water Supply Regulations (Regulation 33 in Scotland and Ireland).

Natural Cement supply Environmentally Friendly mortars, grouts and shotcrete products which are DWI.reg 31 approved. For more information on the range or to organise a product training session please call our technical team on 01226 381133 or email