Natalie Lamb

National Water Industry Account Manager, QCL (QuadraChem Laboratories) 

Natalie Lamb is the National Water Industry Account Manager at QCL, where she generates awareness of innovative technologies and steers them from trial to implementation in the water industry.

One brand new advanced analytical solution that she is currently working closely with is called SENTRY, a bio-electrode sensor platform that provides real-time microbial performance monitoring in anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment systems.

One of Natalie’s favourite things about working in innovation is science communication. She enjoys volunteering with the UK International Water Association, the Royal Society of Biology, the Institute of Water and being a STEM Ambassador. Through these positions she aims to talk to people about her work, to get people valuing water and to start the conversation about science in general.

To keep updated on Natalie, the Institute of Water Rising Star for the East 2021, follow her on Twitter @Natnotgnats, LinkedIn @Natnotgnat or read her Blogger @NSTLamb.

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