MOSL publishes 2022-25 Business Plan for consultation

MOSL has published their draft 2022-25 Business Plan for consultation. The rolling three-year plan builds on the momentum of their 2021-24 plan and sets out the improvement programmes for the next three years.

Through their business planning process and early engagement with the Panel and MOSL Board, they have rationalised the previous nine improvement programmes down to five. The five improvement programmes are:

  • Bilateral Transactions Programme
  • Strategic Metering Review
  • Data Insight
  • Modernisation of Market Facing Systems
  • Market Performance Framework (MPF) Reform
  • As well as tackling the frictions identified by Ofwat, these improvement programmes will drive wider improvements to the non-household
  • market with a continued focus on making it ‘easier to do business’ and enabling timely, accurate meter reads –both of which are fundamental to effective market operations.

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