Morrison Utility Services Turns to Virtual Reality for Safety Training

Using innovative 360-degree virtual reality (VR) technology, Morrison Utility Services, a part of M Group Services, has joined forces with behavioural safety specialists, 360safe VR, to develop and produce pioneering training films that can be viewed via VR headsets.

The introduction of the 360-degree VR training is designed to complement the existing blend of behavioural safety training methods deployed across Morrison Utility Services. The technology provides participants with the benefit of immersive and engaging training sessions that place the viewer in authentic, ‘high-risk’ occupational scenarios, with no danger to themselves or others.

A pioneering VR content synchronisation app enables the VR films to be controlled and monitored from a central console to up to 8 individual VR headsets. The films are developed in-house using Morrison Utility Services people in scripted behavioural safety scenarios.

Paul Kerridge, Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Director, commented: “The adoption of 360-degree VR technology is allowing Morrison Utility Services to deliver hugely important behavioural and occupational safety messages in an engaging, impactful, yet completely safe, way. Participants will feel as though they have genuinely experienced the scenario which is a highly-effective way to deliver powerful behavioural change.”

Andy Carter, Director of IT, Innovation and Improvement, commented: “This use of VR technology provides a good example of the important role that

innovation plays in our training strategy. The creation of VR training films will enable us to raise awareness and understanding of difficult, but extremely important, safety themes by placing our people in an authentic, engaging and completely safe virtual environment. The solution also provides the capability to run site-specific pre-training surveys, followed by post-training surveys, to measure changes in understanding and attitudes to important areas such as site safety and occupational road risk.”


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About Morrison Utility Services
Morrison Utility Services is the UK’s largest, dedicated utility services provider, working in long-term frameworks on behalf of asset owners across the energy (gas and electricity) and water (water and wastewater) sectors. Morrison Utility Services is a part of the Utilities Division of M Group Services.

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M Group Services delivers a range of essential infrastructure services within the water, energy, transport and telecommunication sectors in the UK. The Group has built and maintained relationships with clients over a number of years through operating businesses that include Morrison Utility Services, Dyer & Butler, Magdalene, Morrison Data Services and IDS Systems. M Group Services is a trusted employer to approximately 9,000 skilled specialists working from 100 locations.

About 360safeVR
360safeVR is a unique partnership between Forward Slash Films and Gateway Consultants. Each 360safeVR programme is developed by industry leading behavioural safety experts, and award winning filmmakers to deliver the best possible experience for your teams. 360safeVR’s immersive tech based programmes have proven to deliver measurable behavioural change, with up to 43% reduction in recorded incidents for clients in construction, utilities, rail and facilities management.