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Case Study


Client:                 Northumbrian Water

Project:                Scum Box Repair

Client, Northumbrian Water needed access to repair 3 damaged scum boxes in a FST.  They were unable to isolate, empty, clean and scaffold for access due to process constraints.

They hired the services of Pontoonworks to provide alternative access.

We delivered a working platform that was constructed outside of the tank, it comprised full edge protection on a modular platform with access steps.

The pontoon was lifted into the tank and moved into position with ropes attached to strops.  For the safest access, the omission of a single unit enabled operatives to moor the pontoon around the pipe feeding into the scum box.

The works were completed within 5 days and client feedback praised the modular pontoon floating method of access in favour of scaffold.  Pontoon hire is significantly cheaper and completed with much less disruption to site.

Pontoonworks deliver floating access solutions to clients in the clean and wastewater sectors.  We provide everything from work platforms in live aeration lanes to DWI Reg 31 approved blue pontoon in indoor clarifiers.

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