Working Groups

Future Water Association has a vision centred on ‘Shaping the Future of the Water Sector’ – therefore the organisation brings together experts to look at issues facing the sector. Such initiatives will be ‘task and finish’ type groups.

Intelligent Water Management Group

Chair: Dr David Smoker, ACO Water Management

The Intelligent Water Management group was brought together with the aim of bringing cross-functional systems thinking to design of Intelligent Water Management systems, particularly in new developments. The members represent a broad range of experience – water companies, academia, major consultants, manufacturers, government bodies.

Our mission is to mitigate the problems of water scarcity and local flooding in a sustainable way, whilst improving the liveability of our urban environment.

We aim to:

  • Provide data driven approaches to ensure optimised decision making in provision of ‘Future Water’ infrastructure.
  • Develop water management ‘best practice’ to influence regulations.
  • Provide a platform for knitting together existing and emerging technologies through a systems approach.


Innovation Hub

Alastair MoseleyChairAlastair Moseley, H2O WEM

Future Water Association’s Innovation Group has transformed into the Innovation Hub focused on helping to make space for innovation in the water sector, challenge existing approaches and driving new ways of thinking.

Objectives include:

  • Delivering the Innovation for the Future Roadmap through training and knowledge transfer.
  • Being a Focal point for innovative thinking in the water sector.
  • Development and delivery of Water Dragons.
  • Driving Skills for the Future through Young Water Dragons.
  • Acting as an Enabler of change.


Future Water Networks Hub  

ChairDene Marshallsay, Artesia Consulting
The core objective is to present a sector wide view of water and wastewater networks with a focus on:
  • “Shining a light on the possible”; and present future visions for managing water and wastewater infrastructure.
  • Transferring knowledge and technology solutions across both networks.
  • Focus on managing the assets, investment and replacement.
  • Identifying the full range of benefits of optimal network management, including operations, service delivery to customers, health & sanitation, export opportunities.
  • Smart community solutions.
  • Showcasing the ideas, technologies and case studies the drive network management.
  • Drawing knowledge & experience from other sectors.
  • Engaging with other organisations, professional bodies and all water utilities to develop forward thinking on network management.


Corporate Knowledge Retention Group

An informal group of suppliers, water companies, contractors has been formed to examine how to retain knowledge and experience gathered over a working career. Please see this background whitepaper for more information: Strategies to combat knowledge loss