Membership Terms & Conditions

Future Water Association Members Terms & Conditions

  1. Applications for membership will be assessed against Future Water Association’s Articles of Association.
  2. Membership is on an annual basis and due for payment for the whole 12 (twelve) months at the point of joining. Membership will automatically renew unless the Member provides written notice to the CEO not less than three months prior to the renewal of their intention to resign their membership.
  3. Membership arrangements may be agreed for companies wanting to join and pay for longer periods in advance, up to but not exceeding 3 (three) years.
  4. Future Water Association’s standard terms are for members to pay their subscriptions, or for Future Water Association to have received a confirmed standing order mandate, within 30 (thirty) days of renewal. New members must pay their first year’s subscriptions within 14 (fourteen) days of invoice.
  5. All fees exclude VAT, which will be added at the prevailing rate at the time of invoice.
  6. Corporate membership categories are determined by reference to the higher water related annual turnover and rates applied will be published on the Association membership pages.
  7. Corporate membership (in any category) is intended to be for the benefit of the named member company and its employees. Parent, subsidiary and other group and related companies in the same group as the member company are expected to apply for membership of Future Water Association in their own right to enable them to benefit from membership of Future Water Association and Future Water Association retains the right to require such companies to join the Association or in the absence of agreement by such companies to join the Association to restrict such companies from receiving the benefits which arise as a result of membership of Future Water Association. Such membership conditions can be as part of an agreed group structured membership arrangement.
  8. All corporate members of Future Water Association consent to Future Water Association carrying out a credit search the corporate member at any time.
  9. Details of corporate members, as provided by the member in question, are held by Future Water Association on its CRM system, in accordance with best practice. Members’ information will be published via the Internet, on the Future Water Association web-site, in a members’ directory, as part of the Association’s commitment to member promotion.
  10. The Future Water Association is entitled to terminate companies from membership, without reimbursing any portion in part of whole of the membership fees. Termination will be based on any member failing to comply with the Articles of Association or Membership Terms & Conditions or any member activity which brings the Association into disrepute.
  11. A Member who resigns from membership shall pay all arrears of subscriptions due to the Association.
  12. Members agree to adhere to the Articles of Association, the objects and guiding principles of the Association, which may be viewed on the Association’s website.
  13. Members will not at any time engage in any discussion or business on subjects that are prohibited by the Competition Act 1998 or The Enterprise Act 2002. In particular the issue of prices and market share or any other issues covered by the legislation.
  14. Any agreement between a member and Future Water Association shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the member agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
  15. Future Water Association will hold and manage members data in accordance with the associations data policy, which reflects current legislation and best practice.

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