Member Benefits

Terry Muckian presentingYour voice is important and we are here to represent you. Future Water Association works closely with the water companies, regulators and Government departments influencing standards-setting, new regulations and business practices.

The association inspires, supports and leads the water supply chain, driven by the needs of our members and our vision to shape the future of water.

Membership of Future Water Association means that you are part of a substantial group, more significant in external relations than any single company. The Association employs that “strength” in representing members’ interests both directly to clients and their representative organisations, Government Departments, the Regulators and through the media.

As a member you will be invited to events throughout the year. You will have the opportunity to connect with fellow members as well as influential representatives from the water sector.

Your membership of Future Water Association provides access to the latest thinking and best practice within the sector, helping you establish comprehensive procurement and contractual practices which in turn will help you win work and protect your business.

Future Water Association has key contacts with journalists and relevant publications and we are committed to promoting both the association and our members. Our website attracts many visitors and is kept up to date with the latest industry and member news.

As a member of Future Water Association you will benefit from:

Plus opportunities to develop and grow your knowledge and expertise through:

Join our thriving membership base, all of whom work within the water sector

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