Meet the Sponsors of Future Water Networks 2020

Gold Sponsor – RPS

Operating for over 20 years, RPS is a leading industry specialist with deep expertise in the delivery of asset management strategies for our water industry clients.

RPS, founded in 1970, is a leading global professional services firm. We define, design and manage projects that create shared value to a complex, urbanising and resource-scarce world.

Our unique ‘Strategy to Operations’ approach considers all aspects of water management (clean and wastewater), challenges the status quo and delivers optimised solutions for our clients that meet and exceed their regulatory objectives.

We stand out for our clients by using deep expertise to solve problems that matter, making them easy to understand and by being easy to work with. Collaborative governance with our clients and their stakeholders ensures we deliver continuous improvement, business benefit and network efficiency while minimising environmental and social impacts.

Our services span twelve clusters: project and program management; design and development; water services; environment; advisory and management consulting; exploration and development; planning and approvals; health, safety and risk; oceans and coastal; laboratories; training and communication and creative services.

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Silver Sponsor – Artesia Consulting

Artesia is a dynamic and forward-thinking consultancy based around data science serving the water sector since 2008.

We use a combination of our extensive industry knowledge and data science skills to develop leading edge solutions for leakage management, water resources planning, water conservation, demand forecasting,
network and asset management.

Our mission is to deliver solutions through the application of technical excellence. We use a combination of our extensive industry knowledge and data science skills to develop leading edge solutions to some of  the long-standing challenges in leakage management, water resources planning, water conservation, demand forecasting and asset management.

Providing bespoke policy advice through to implementable solutions, we take account of the environmental, economic, social and technological challenges faced by today’s and tomorrow’s water industry.

Artesia is a multi-disciplinary team with renowned experts in statistics, data science and key water industry areas. Working as a team, we bring a wide range of skills, knowledge, perspective, experience and personality to each project we undertake. We maximise the value of existing data, with a particular focus of providing technology agnostic solutions in our day to day business.

Our vision is to shape the way we manage water resources by always striving to deliver you the best, elegant solution.

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Bronze Sponsor – Invenio Systems (HWM)Invenio HWM logo

Invenio Systems became part of HWM in 2019. Invenio’s unique solutions for customer side leak detection (and now in distribution leakage), combined with HWM’s digital data model and connectivity provide a compelling value proposition for the UK and globally.

Invenio Systems is a market leader in customer-side leak detection, offering innovative, non-intrusive detection solutions for household and distribution-system leaks. Invenio’s technology identifies leaks on customer property and high water-use properties for metered billing. The ability to detect customer-side leaks is vitally important to water companies globally, as these areas of the network have been traditionally difficult to survey. Invenio has extended the use of these technologies to the supply and distribution system to detect and localise leaks that are not normally detectable by acoustic or pressure methods.

At HWM we design and manufacture monitoring and telemetry equipment for water, wastewater and gas networks, together with telemetry AMR and facilities optimisation products. Our primary focus for over 30 years has been clean water and network distribution system monitoring, however in the last few years we have expanded into new sectors which include gas, water and electricity meter consumption, gas network monitoring and sewer, river and flood monitoring. Our solutions have had a significant impact in helping our customers save time, effort, natural resources, energy and cost.

Invenio joined Halma as part of HWM in July 2019, creating a global leader in leakage reduction. The combination of HWM’s digital data model and connectivity, with Invenio’s innovative technology and machine learning capability creates a compelling new value proposition in the UK and globally.

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ession Sponsor – Learning & Development Associates (L&DA)

Learning & Development Associates (L&DA) was formed with a vision to advance the competence of the water sector through bespoke higher education training interventions. 

With experience within both UK and international water markets, their innovative Level 5 programmes have been developed using extensive industry knowledge to truly address the technical learning needs of water managers.

Following the launch of their Foundation Degree Level qualifications within Risk & Resilience and Leading Innovation, L&DA have announced updated course dates and costs in support of Ofwat’s latest strategy.

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