Mark Worsfold

Director of Asset Management, South West Water

Mark has been at South West Water since May 2015 (having previously been at both Ofwat and Yorkshire Water).

Mark’s responsibilities at South West Water as Director of Asset Management are associated with the wholesale business including asset management, strategic planning, tactical plans, resilience, performance reporting and ODI development as well as examining how the business should most effectively make Totex decisions within its decision making. Mark has supported many national initiatives including the development of DWMPs, resilience metrics and 21st Century Drainage, he is a member of the South West RFCC and is an UKWIR Board Member.

At Ofwat he held roles as Director, Chief Engineer and Head of asset Strategy. Which included the regulation of infrastructure, the serviceability of the asset base, capital maintenance expenditure, sewer flooding, sewerage enhancements, Sludge treatment and disposal, the Cost base, capital efficiencies, Innovation and links with the supply chain. A veteran of the last five price reviews at both Ofwat and on the company side. Mark supported a number of initiatives with Infrastructure UK, including cyclical investment in the water industry and reviewing flooding maintenance within the Environment Agency.

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