Manuela Di Mauro

Water Lead, National Infrastructure Commission

Dr Manuela Di Mauro is the author of the recent report Preparing for a Drier Future and the relevant chapter of the UK’s first National Infrastructure Assessment, published in July 2018, and leads the Commission’s work on water supply resilience.

Dr Di Mauro is an environmental engineer specialised in developing solutions for managing climate and geological risks such as those posed by floods and drought. She holds a PhD on the topic, and has worked in consultancy, academia, international organisations and government.

Before joining the NIC, Manuela lead the policy analysis on spatial planning, flood risk, water efficiency and emergency management for the Adaptation Sub Committee of the Committee on Climate Change. She previously led the development of a Global Risk Model at the United Nations, designed options to manage geological risks in Indonesia for the Earth Observatory of Singapore and developed solutions for managing flood risk for the engineering consultancy HR Wallingford.