Dr Jameel Marafie

Co-Founder and CEO, Headlight AI

Jamel Marafie

Jameel cofounded Headlight AI towards the end of 2017 with Dr Puneet Chhabra in order to develop new sensing and data processing solutions to solve major challenges for robotics across extreme environments. Both founders believe these solutions will be transformative across infrastructure monitoring applications, especially in the Utilities, Rail, and Construction sectors.

Prior to starting Headlight AI, Jameel had completed a PhD at Imperial College London studying new light emitting materials and processes for optoelectronics. He holds a Masters in Plastic Electronics, and a Masters in Chemistry from the University of Bath, so has a deep understanding on how light interacts with different materials and the environment, and how it can be utilised for inspection of complex infrastructure. He also has 10 years’ commercial experience working as a R&D consultant with hundreds of science and technology companies across the UK, helping them to secure R&D funding for their innovations.

Jameel now focuses on building Headlight AI to achieve its mission; to lead in sensing and data processing across extreme environments. The software and artificial intelligence (AI) being developed at Headlight AI will enable the safe operation of robotic systems and vehicles across harsh and complex environments that exhibit low visibility or have issues with localisation, such as in underground environments. As a result, Headlight AI is currently targeting infrastructure monitoring applications across the Utilities, Rail, and Construction markets, but the underlying technologies will have wider use cases across robotics in the future.

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