Introducing the Water Breakthrough Challenge

The Water Breakthrough Challenge has been officially announced today (25th March 2021). The Challenge will pump £40 million into the sector to drive wide scale transformational change.

Run by Ofwat and Nesta Challenges, supported by Arup, the Water Breakthrough Challenge is funded through Ofwat’s £200 million Innovation Fund, as part of the regulator’s goal to create an innovative and collaborative water sector that meets the needs of customers, society and the environment in the years to come.

The Breakthrough Challenge aims to encourage collaborative innovative initiatives that help tackle the biggest challenges facing the water and wastewater services, such as achieving net zero, protecting natural ecosystems and reducing leakage, as well as taking opportunities to use open data and deliver value to society. It’s for initiatives that water companies would otherwise be unable to invest in or explore – and may exist in other sectors of our economy or worldwide. This might include, for example: trialing new technology, commercial models, ways of working or business practices.

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