International collaboration with the AQUA Consortium

HAL24K & HAL24k Water are delighted to be working with leading partners in the water sector: De WatergroepOptiqua B.V.Demcon advanced mechatronics, and ZWEEC Singapore on the ground-breaking AQUA project. With a buzz of interest in water quality management solutions today we thought we would share an update on this EUREKA funded project which has the ambitious aim of creating a network water quality alert system.

The project aims to develop the next generation of water quality monitoring solutions using “AI-based” algorithms to help identify the root cause of water quality issues – issues that can affect the provision of wholesome drinking water and which can be hugely detrimental to a water utility’s public standing.The solutions arising from the AQUA project will be able to detect, classify and react to problems rapidly and with improved prevention of incidents. The consortium members will achieve this through the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the incorporation of novel sensor systems supporting data analytics and highly innovative classification technology.As well as common water quality issues the solution in development will be able to discriminate between acceptable operationally induced changes in water quality and changes due to contaminants or adverse incidents.If you are interested in water quality management within water networks, why not speak to us about how you could get involved with this initiative.#water #technology #management #ai