Institute of Water highlights Water Sector Social Purpose

The UK water sector delivers the most fundamental public service: it provides reliable, resilient, safe and good quality water and wastewater services for everyone.

Now, as the sector faces the challenges of climate change and greater demand from population growth, it is also expected to do the right things for customers and the environment.

The Autumn issue of the Institute of Water Magazine carried a feature on Social Purpose and this week the Institute will hear what has been done by a range of sector stakeholders, starting with Heidi Mottram, CEO of Northumbrian Water Group and former Institute of Water President.

Lynn Cooper, Institute of Water CEO, said:

“One aspect of our Business Plan is to improve the brand of the water industry, particularly its social purpose. We recognised that a number of organisations had already made statements on social purpose and we agreed to showcase what has been done, with the aims of raising awareness, sharing best practice and challenging members to find out more about their own company.”

Every day this week the Institute of Water Website News will feature a new angle, with CCW, British Water, MOSL and Ofwat having their say.


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