HAL24K is evolving!

“Collaborate Water” will be our new name and California, our new home! In response to our challenge to grow, our Board and Shareholders have backed the decision to move our headquarters to the United States of America.


Our business has enjoyed growth in customers, partners and revenue in the past 12 months and see the coming 12 months as a period of continued growth and further evolution.  We believe now is the time to make the move and the required changes.

With a growing pipeline of business, and our opportunities stretching from Malaysia to Sri Lanka and from Europe to America, now was the time to make the change happen and prepare for the journey ahead. Our new name represents our approach to our partners and our customers as we seek to bring specialists and point solutions together to make our customers able to truly use thew best solution for their company in a collaborative environment.

Our Model and Data Ecosystem has been called Collaborate from our inception and today our entire company reflects what we have been able to achieve with AI/ML.


Brian Shea on LinkedIn: HAL24K is evolving!  “Collaborate Water” will be our new name and…