H2Open – Open data in the water industry

H2Open – Open data in the water industry has now been published.

This discussion document is designed to ignite conversations across the water industry and beyond about open data and its potential to drive efficiencies, catalyse innovation and build trust and transparency.

Open data has the potential to help address some of the challenges facing the water sector from climate change, environmental concerns, changing customer demands and protecting the most vulnerable.

In the document, we outline the case for change and the ways in which open data can help to achieve outcomes for companies, customers, communities and the environment. We reflect on the challenges that the sector will need to overcome to unlock the value of open data, and how they will need to work together to do this.

Ofwat shines a light on the existing open data and data sharing activities already underway across the industry and draws on case studies across companies and external to the water sector. They have set some high level-expectations for companies to make progress in this area by Autumn 2022.

Ofwat would love to hear your thoughts and comments around this document and open data more broadly, both publicly (you are encouraged to use #H2Open on social media) and in response to Ofwat.