Government’s strategic priorities for Ofwat

Defra is seeking your views on a new strategic policy statement (SPS) for Ofwat, which sets out the government’s strategic priorities for Ofwat’s regulation of the water sector in England.

In accordance with Section 2A of the Water Industry Act 1991 (as amended), the Secretary of State can set out strategic priorities and objectives for Ofwat. Ofwat must carry out its functions in accordance with this statement. The new SPS has been drafted to have regard to Ofwat’s statutory duties, social and environmental matters and other matters that are a priority for government. Once published, it will replace the previous SPS that was issued to Ofwat in 2017.

Defra welcomes your views and comments on the SPS, including your responses to the key consultation questions set out in the survey, which can be accessed here: Submit a response