Future Water strengthens governance for the future

Future Water is delighted to welcome four new members to its Board who will help the organisation achieve its ambitions and objectives, supporting members, helping SME’s to thrive, and doing what is best for the sector.

Mark Campbell-Blake, Greddf; Richard Laikin, RLS Strategy; Carly Perry, Sia Partners and Emma Wilcox, Society for the Environment, join the Board from 1 July and bring vast experience of regulatory compliance, skills development, industry knowledge and fiscal strategy.

Future Water’s Chairman, Mark Smith from WRc plc, commented:
“Future Water has an enviable reputation for leading thought and debate in the water sector. We have used the COVID-19 lock down as a time to reposition ourselves, amongst other things, embedding in our services the opportunities that are afforded to us through virtual meetings and conferences.

The organisation is entering a new era, providing ambitious services that will help our members and wider industry engage more readily and collaborate with the water companies of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic. Richard, Carly, Mark and Emma have all engaged with Future Water and I am delighted that they have chosen to work with us to help us achieve our plans”.

CEO Paul Horton added:
“Future Water is all about helping people and businesses to connect, to collaborate more effectively, helping to bring about transformational change and innovation, not least through our Water Dragons programme.  We are confident that with the new appointees, which brings greater diversity to our board, we will push the organisation forward, ensuring a vibrant sector, that is an attractive career opportunity for bright young people”.

Supporting our ambitions and drive for change the new appointees added:


“It is a privilege to be joining the Board of Directors of Future Water, and it is an honour to be assistingthe organisation that supports the supply chain of the UK’s water industry through its focus on innovation, diversity and education whilst taking a leadership role in influencing Government Policy decisions. I look forward to working with Future Water and the other members of the Board.” Mark Campbell-Blake, Greddf


“I am excited to be joining the Board of Future Water as we enter the new AMP and face up to the challenges of shaping the sector for a very different future. Supply chain partners are a critical element of the sector – innovating, collaborating and supporting delivery by the water companies and others. I’m looking forward to playing my part in driving forward the support the organisation gives its members and contributing our voice to the development of the sector over the coming years.” Richard Laikin, RLS Strategy


“I’m looking forward to joining the Board of Future Water and working with the organisation to take forward its ambitions to expand its innovation programme. It’s a time of change across the industry and an exciting time for the water sector, Future Water is at the forefront of driving the change forward and has great initiatives that I look forward to supporting as part of the new board.” Carly Perry, Sia Partners


“Joining the Board of Future Water is a great opportunity and not only will I bring my own experience to the position, I will work with the board to ensure that the organisation operates within the total water envelope and aligns the focus with the future requirements that the environmental challenges bring.” 
Emma Wilcox, Society for the Environment