Future Water responds to election of Sir Keir Starmer as Prime Minister

The Future Water Association congratulates Sir Keir Starmer on his election as Prime Minister and looks forward to collaborating with the new Labour government to address the UK’s pressing water-related challenges.

Water is vital to the UK economy and public health. Labour’s 2024 manifesto highlights the climate and nature crisis as a significant challenge and introduces the Green Prosperity Plan to promote clean energy and the green economy. Labour’s water policy aims to combat pollution, enhance biodiversity, and safeguard landscapes and wildlife. Their sewage pollution plan targets failing water companies by imposing stricter regulations and accountability measures.

Labour’s approach has also included exploring issues such as water fluoridation, bringing public health into mix of thinking . Potential reforms may lead to a new water bill or regulatory overhaul.

The Future Water Association is ready to leverage the expertise of its supply chain members to offer impartial evidence and policy advice. In particular, we are working with the water industry and its supply chain to stimulate research, development and innovation in the sector, as without these we will not be able to deliver the changes needed quickly enough. Innovation will not only help to accelerate the ambitions set down by Labour, but will also contribute to growth through the creation of new businesses and technologies for both the UK and export markets. We aim to ensure the water sector thrives and supports the UK’s environmental and economic goals.

Stay tuned for updates on the Future Water Risk Register, which will help to proactively address the sector’s most pressing issues in order of severity and opportunity to change.