Tony Harrington

Director of Environment, Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water 

Tony has developed his expertise and interest in environmental matters through leading a number of multi-disciplinary teams in support of a variety of projects in the oil and gas exploration; civil engineering; water services industries; and from within Government.

He is both a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Scientist, and a Fellow at the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management, at the Institution of Civil Engineers, and at the Learned Society of Wales.

In December 2011, Tony took up his role of Director of Environment at DCWW, where he leads the Environmental, Innovation, and Science agendas for the business with the objective of providing a safe and sustainable environment for DCWW customers, one which they are proud to hand to future generations.   Tony has a number of research oriented Board appointments including that at the UK Water Industry Research Forum (UKWIR).  Tony also leads the UK Water Sector’s ‘Delivering 21st Century Drainage for our customers’ work programme.