Future Water Launches ‘Virtual Networks’ Group

Late November saw Future Water Networks 2020 operating virtually, across three mornings and one afternoon! More than 40 experts presented views, ideas and forward thinking, on lessons learned from Covid-19, the net carbon zero journey, Data & AI, Making Sewers Smarter, Innovation and the future!

‘Smart networks in an uncertain world’ was the theme of this year’s event and UK attendees were joined by people from the West Coast of the USA, through to Australia, South Africa, Canada, Ghana, France and many more. One outcome of the event is the launch of ‘Virtual Networks Group’.

Commenting on the new group, CEO Paul Horton said ‘We are always so excited to see what is possible and Future Water Networks 2020 over-achieved in its scope and knowledge output. I’m pleased that from the event emerges the ‘Virtual Networks Group bringing together the industry to discuss the future’.

Dene Marshallsay, Director, Artesia, continues “‘The challenge is to create a virtual place where water company network managers and operators, and the supply chain, can share knowledge and/or collaborate on innovations and emerging products and services aimed at specific areas (such as managing leakage, meeting leakage targets, making sewers smarter) for mutual benefit.’

James Hargrave, Anglian Water adds ‘”I’m delighted to Chair the group and for me, I think this could be the platform to enact how, new ideas and innovations can be physically manifested. The virtual nature of the network is very much around removing the water company boundary lines and creating a UK sector physical network that is virtually managed by way of a ‘collective’ that steers the trial of technology and sharing of data / outputs so we benefit as a collective and reduce waste by recreating the wheel every time. The group welcomes input from all the supply chain and congratulations to Future Water for pushing this forward.”

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Notes to Editors:

Future Water is a modern, innovative and dynamic membership organisation that inspires supports and leads the water supply chain, water companies and water retailers. Its goal is to provide business support to a sector facing many challenges.

Virtual Networks Group – As a focus, the group will:
• Allow water companies and supply chain to exchange knowledge freely
• Encourage participation from experienced and younger water professionals
• Encourage a mutual level of trust between users
• Be unbiased and precompetitive
• Provide templates for testing and reporting of innovative and emerging technologies, to allow objective and robust reporting of trials and evaluations
• Compile and report statistics and numbers on emerging technologies and services
• Allow water companies to communicate their future needs and requirements to the supply chain.
• Store, share and access reports/documentation on trials and evaluations of hard and soft technologies
• Allow water companies to collaborate and identify areas/companies who might be best placed to test different technologies (for example smart cities being used to test and evaluate technologies such as NbIOT, Lorawan other comms tech)
• Share data, questions and ideas

Outcomes for the Virtual Networks Group:
• To realise the benefits of new and emerging technologies more quickly, by sharing knowledge, evaluating and bringing them to market more quickly.
• Share best practices for the use new technology
• Identifying “Islands of excellence” that exist around various companies (water companies and the supply chain) and sharing their knowledge.
• Assessing innovations and emerging technologies and services once and sharing that knowledge
• Collaborating on future evaluations
• Promoting industry needs and requirements across the supply chain

For more information or for specific questions about this release, please email CEO Paul Horton at paul@futurewaterassociation.com