Future Water focusing on industry talent

Future Water has a vision centred on ‘Shaping the Future of the Water Sector’ – essential to that future are the people who work in the industry. Attracting and retaining talent is vital if we are to hit all the regulatory requirements and continue to provide one of the best water services in the world.

The core objective of the Group is to focus on Future Water’s Emerging Talent award, using it as a platform to showcase the best new people in the sector whilst also creating space for ideas to be developed and thoughts heard. In addition, the Group will aim to encourage and support talent new to the industry as well as providing a hub for connecting with likeminded professionals. It is hoped that such a group of people from all areas of the industry, will help to retain the vital skills leaking from the sector at an alarming rate.

The first meeting of the Group will take place on Wednesday 9th February, and will be Chaired by Dr Sarah Cotterill, Assistant Professor, School of Civil Engineering, at University College Dublin. 

Commenting on the new group Dr Cotterill said:
‘”The Emerging Talent Award captures some of the fantastic achievements, leadership and innovation carried out by recent entrants to the water sector. Whilst it’s wonderful to recognise and celebrate talent in its own right, it is also vital to be able to retain that talent for the sector’s future success and sustainability. We hope that the newly established Emerging Talent Group can be a platform for just that; showcasing award winners, creating space for new voices and ideas to be heard, and shaping thinking on how best to attract and further develop talent in the sector.”

Paul Horton, Future Water CEO, added:
“Perhaps it is fitting that the first meeting of our new Emerging Talent Group, should fall in National Apprenticeship Week 2022. Encouraging new talent into the industry has always been a challenge, but apprentice placements continue to prove a popular method of getting new people to dip their toe into the industry. Once in, they are often surprised by the variety of roles available to those working in the water sector. We want our Emerging Talent Group to involve as many parts of the industry as possible, and would encourage anyone who is relatively new to ‘working in water’, with the enthusiasm to drive the industry forward, to join the group.”

Notes to Editors:

The Future Water Emerging Talent Group has been set up to:

  • a platform to showcase the best new people in the sector
  • create a space for ideas to be developed and thoughts heard
  • encourage and support talent new to the industry
  • provide a hub for connecting with likeminded professionals
  • help to retain the skills in the sector.

The first meeting of the Group will take place at 9am, Wednesday 9 February 2022.

Link to register for the Group: https://www.futurewaterassociation.com/event/emerging-talent-group/

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