Farewell From USIT

And it’s farewell from USIT
The vision for USIT was formed by its first Executive Secretary, Bob Hodge and Jack Carnell and it focussed on granting awards for education and training in the Utilities and Services industries sector.
The charity has operated to this model for its entire existence.
USIT is managed by a team of 5 Trustees, with three of the places allocated to our Partner Organisations: Institute of Water, Energy and Utilities Alliance and Future Water Association.
After 12 years of activity USIT has reached the point where the funds gifted to it in 2004 have been spent and USIT will be closing down.
It has been a real honour for me to have Chaired USIT for the past few years. It has also been particularly rewarding to see the careers of folks we have made awards to flourishing. Its remit was to make a difference and it really has.
What has USIT achieved
The first award was made to Archie MacGregor from Scottish Water. He attended the Institute of Management Development, Switzerland, on their Building on Talent programme.
Since then we have made:
  • 30 Awards to Harvard High Potential Leaders course
  • 125 Business Skills awards
  • 300 CPD day awards
In total we have invested over £940,000 in developing talented individuals within our sector.
The final balance of monies has been presented to WaterAid as a contribution towards their training initiatives.
Martin Kane,
Chairman, USIT
Chief Engineer, Severn Trent Water
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