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Smart Water Networks IoT: Water Network Optimization & Digitalization

5th July 2021 - 9th July 2021

The Series of Smart Water TechTalks will look in depth at innovative digital and IoT strategies for efficient management and maintenance of water utility assets utilising innovative technologies to address network features, leakage and events that cause stress.

  • Reduce non-revenue water and to optimise leak management
  • Predict water network behaviour, get real-time alerts, and dispatch workflow orders
  • Smart water monitoring for utilities with a flow meter with built-in energy harvesting
  • Locating and fixing leaks as they develop – instead of after they burst
  • What does digitalisation really mean for leak detection?
  • Digital Transformation Key Enablers
  • Digital Twins to Drive Eco-Strategies
  • Cyber Security for Industrial Networks
  • Software analytics to optimize water use
  • Exploring three major drivers: Improved Efficiency, Cost, Regulation

In most countries, 20-25% of the fresh water produced is lost due to leakages in the public water network. Costs of Billions are wasted across the world through pipelines, not effectively monitored.

The most crucial challenge to the water industry globally is ensuring the security and efficiency of water supply and transportation; distributing water in the most effective way, at minimum cost – whilst preventing, detecting, predicting and being able to prioritise leakages, blockages and spillages.

Driving water utilities to invest in IIoT is the need to improve the management of water infrastructure as well as to convert assets to smart infrastructure networks, in a bid to reduce non-revenue water and to optimise leak management.

The use of digital and data-driven technologies has revolutionised business operations and processes across countless industries in recent years, and the water sector is beginning to reap those benefits through installing sensors, analysing data, utilising pattern recognition, employing artificial intelligence and IIoT to operate with greater efficiency. There are numerous opportunities for water utility companies to save money by using smart technologies to improve their asset management, process optimisation and interaction with their customers.

Smart solutions for improved monitoring, automated control, leakage monitoring, asset management and non-revenue water (NRW) reduction can also lead to huge cost savings through lower energy consumption, chemical use and labour costs. With ageing assets failing and an industry subject to increasing regulatory scrutiny, Water Utility and Wastewater companies are forced to optimise their asset investment. The smart water grid market is forecast to hit £22.2 bn in 2021 owing to increasing investment largely in analytics-driven intelligence and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Solutions in a bid to reduce non-revenue water and to optimise leak management.

By combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with data analytics, technology companies have developed solutions that can learn from various events and provide customised preventive measures. The predictive and prescriptive intelligence not only improves the resilience of the infrastructure but also minimises the damage to the environment.

Visit the WE WATER website to book your place: https://www.smart-water-iot.com/


5th July 2021
9th July 2021
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