Empowering Tomorrow’s Water Leaders: A Focus on Education

The Future Water Emerging Talent Group recently convened for an encouraging meeting. Marked by a shared commitment to advancing education within the water sector, the core group proposed education as the central theme for their upcoming initiatives, setting ambitious aims for the months ahead.

Throughout the meeting, participants expressed keen interest in various aspects of education, spanning primary and secondary education, further education, and learning in the workplace. Recognizing the significance of inclusive education practices, groups were formed to delve into specific topics, each tasked with identifying actionable steps to drive meaningful change.

In the realm of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), the group resolved to gather data on D&I within the water sector and beyond, aiming to identify areas for improvement and address existing gaps. Additionally, plans were made to engage with relevant charities and communities to foster dialogue and promote inclusivity through targeted events and outreach efforts.

Career and curriculum mapping emerged as another focal point, with efforts underway to gather insights from professionals in the water sector to create comprehensive career templates and ensure diversity in career pathways.

The group also recognized the importance of leveraging online education platforms to empower individuals within the water sector, exploring avenues for creating educational resources beneficial for career development and academic pursuits. Furthermore, plans were outlined to collaborate with schoolteachers to enhance water-related curriculum content, ensuring diversity and relevance to contemporary challenges.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) was identified as a critical component in nurturing talent within the water sector. Initiatives included mapping out areas for investigation, prioritizing early career development opportunities, and facilitating generational knowledge sharing to harness the collective wisdom of experienced professionals while empowering the next generation.

As the meeting concluded, there was palpable enthusiasm and optimism for the transformative impact that education-focused initiatives would have on shaping the future of the water sector. With a clear roadmap in place and a shared commitment to driving change, the Future Water Emerging Talent Group stands poised to empower tomorrow’s water leaders through education and inclusive practices.

Cassia Pickard
Graduate Water Consultant


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