Waterwise Top tips for hot weather this Dry July!

Top tips for hot weather this Dry July!

As the weather heats up again this summer – and with temporary use bans already in place in some areas – we’ve got some top tips to help save water whilst keeping your parched garden healthy!

  1. Use a watering can – If you have plants and flowers that need a drink, use a watering can and make sure you’re watering either early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the water evaporating too. Avoid using sprinklers if you can – they can use more in an hour than a couple of families would use in a day.
  2. Reuse water where you can – Left a glass of water on the side overnight? Waiting for the tap to warm up? Or decided you really fancy a bath? Collect this water and use it on your garden (non edible plants if soapy) instead of pouring it down the drain – why not take a bucket into the shower with you!
  3. Let your lawn go golden – It’s the quintessential sign of summer. Hoses and sprinklers typically use about 1,000 litres of water an hour. This is more than 12 baths in one hour. But established lawns really don’t need to be watered – grass is a resilient plant and will bounce back when it rains next. Show off your brown lawn with pride!
  4. Be proud of your dirty car – Or use a bucket or sponge if you need to give the windows a clean. Hot weather isn’t great for washing cars as it can dry too quickly leaving streaks on your car. So wait until the weather has cooled down before giving your motor a clean, and when you do try to use a bucket and sponge if you can.
  5. Paddling pools – It is hard to keep cool in the heat and many of us will be reaching for our paddling pools to help keep little ones cool. Instead of filling it up, why not try to use a jug to fill up just enough to dip your feet in? And keep it covered when you’re done so that you can make use of it another day. When you are done, reuse the water on your plants or flowers.