Prof. Simon Tait

Professor of Water Engineering, University of Sheffield

Simon Tait is the Professor of Water Engineering at the University of Sheffield. His research interests range from in-sewer sediment erosion and deposition processes, through to inspection technology and model development for the management of sewer and drainage networks.

Simon Tait

He has helped developed novel acoustic based inspection methods that has led to the development of commercial products, mainly through the spin out company Acoustic Sensing Technology Ltd .

He manages the UKCRIC National Infrastructure Laboratory for Distributed Water Infrastructure which a national facility located in Sheffield and capable of full scale complex testing of water infrastructure assets. He is a co-investigator on a recently awarded EPSRC funded Programme Grant called “pipebots” that funds work on the development and use of autonomous robotic systems for inspection and defect identification in buried pipe networks.

Simon sits on CIWEM’s Urban Drainage Group Committee, and has served on a number of IWA working groups that focus on various aspects of sewer system management.

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