Dr Sarah Cotterill

Assistant Professor, School of Civil Engineering, University College Dublin

Dr Sarah Cotterill is an Assistant Professor in the School of Civil Engineering at University College Dublin. Sarah has an Engineering Doctorate from Newcastle University, which she completed through the STREAM industrial doctoral centre for the water sector. She was awarded a Fulbright “All Disciplines” Scholar award in 2017 and took on the role of Innovation Manager for The Water Hub at Durham University in 2018. During this time, Sarah was awarded Future Water Association’s ‘Emerging Talent’ Award.

Sarah’s presentation will focus on a questionnaire she co-developed during the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown earlier this year. The questionnaire sought to understand water sector employees’ experiences and perceptions of organisational response. Findings were evaluated on the measures of mitigation, adaptation, coping and learning, aligning with Butler et al.’s 2017 resilience framework.

The paper has just been published in Water and Environment Journal and is freely available at https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/wej.12649

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