Digital Water – Capitalising on the Commercial Opportunities for UK plc

The UK Water Partnership have launched an action plan to help UK plc win its share of the $30 billion digital revolution in water.

The digital revolution is transforming the water industry – and with that transformation comes tremendous commercial opportunities for UK plc. In response to this, the UK Water Partnership have published a draft White Paper and Call to Action, Digital Water – understanding the commercial opportunities for UK plc, which is available to download below. The plan includes calls for more focused research on the primary areas of commercial opportunity for the UK, increased collaboration across the UK water economy and more proactive marketing of UK digital water expertise.

“As a sector we need that generation of people who have grown up with digital technology, who are at home with that whole environment, understand its full potential and how to realise it. I commend this Digital Water White Paper and the part it can play in ensuring that companies and people with the right ideas can go throughout the whole digital journey and see their ideas realised.” Paul Horton, CEO, Future Water Association

Click here to download a copy of the white paper.