Dene Marshallsay

Director, Artesia 

Dene Marshallsay is a Director of Artesia and consultant specialising water supply and resource management.

Artesia is a dynamic and forward-thinking company serving the water sector since 2008, and uses a combination of extensive industry knowledge and expert data science skills to provide specialist solutions, consultancy and technical support in water resource management, water supply planning, asset management and water conservation.

Dene’s experience includes leakage and water loss management, water balance audits, demand management and forecasting, analysis of water use, network, revenue and smart metering. His subject matter expertise in these areas extends to strategy development, policy, regulation, as well as tactical deployment of solutions. Recently Dene has delivered an industry collaborative project on the impacts of COVID on demand.

Dene has over 30 years’ experience in the UK and international water industry.


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